Analyzing Tableau's Menu System

With the release of v7.0 Tableau sported a significantly changed menu system in response to user interaction research.

Having better organized menus is a good thing, but major structural changes present a challenge to users for whom the previous menu system is deeply familiar. For them, figuring out where to look for things is in some ways more difficult that for new users who don't have to remap what they already know.

Fortunately, Tableau Software published a table of changes, indicating where to look in the new menu system for old familiar features. Look for it on this page: Where are they now? Some things have changed in Tableau 7.0..

Unfortunately, although only slightly so, this information is presented in a hard-coded HTML table, so it's inflexible and difficult to obtain different organizational views of the information.

So, as is normal practice when faced with new data, there was no question but that it would be interesting to pull the data out of the web page into Tableau so it could be flexibly analyzed, with new relationships revealed and new insights obtained.

The Tableau Public-published workbook embedded below is the result.

This one is better viewed after being downloaded – like many workbooks that deal primarily with textual data the individual vizzes tend to be wider than can conveniently be embedded in a blog post.


  1. If it will help, here's a link to another overview of the UI changes between Tableau 6 and 7, in .pdf format.