Better BI's new home.

This Better BI blog has been humming along on another blogging platform (here), but there's something I need the blog to do that the other platform doesn't allow: embed data visualizations I publish to Tableau Public. So I'm trying out Blogger to see if it's possible, and hopefully easy.

About Tableau, and why I need to embed visualizations.

One of Better BI's tenets is that information is best unlocked from data when the barriers to discovery and communication are minimized. Tableau is the best tool I've found in 25 years in BI for use in exploring data; it's not the only tool in the box, but it's the first one I reach for, and the most used.

Using Tableau, I can instantly start exploring new (or familiar) information, and discover valuable things about it.

Tableau provides multiple options for sharing analyses, ranging from copy/pasting images in documents, to producing PDFs, to distributing functioning Workbooks with the free Tableau Reader (similar to Adobe's PDF reader).
But the best option for sharing is to publish to Tableau's publicly available and free server product: Tableau Server. Once published, the analyses are web-available to the public.

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